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How to Get Your Belly Button Pierced

How to Get Your Belly Button Pierced

Getting your belly button pierced is becoming more popular among society today. Many woman decide they want to add a piercing to their naval to stand out and feel more attractive.

Step 1: Find a piercing shop

getting your belly button piercedIt is very important to find a good piercing shop. Research on the internet different piercing shops and the workers there. Piercing shops and Tattoo shops usually are together, so also look at Tattoo parlors as well. Also, if you know anyone with piercings, ask where they were done and if you should go there as well. Visit different piercing shops, and make sure that places are clean and professional looking. Also, ask your piercer how much experience he or she has.

Step 2: Decide what kind of piercing you want

The most popular type of navel piercing is one on the upper part of your belly button. However, many people chose to get the bottom or sides done too. Some people have both the top and the bottom done. You need to decide what you want and what you are comfortable with. If you want to get more than one navel piercing, I recommend just getting one at time and giving it time to heal before you get another piercing.

Step 3: Get it Pierced!

Go the piercing shop that you picked out and ask to get a navel piercing. You will have to pick out a ring at this time. You will not be allowed to get anything that dangles or will get caught in clothing. If you have any experience from other piercings (such as your ears) you might know what type of metal your body will tolerate. Some people are more sensitive to different types of metal than others. Take to the piercer and see what type of metal might be best for you.

Step 4: Let it Heal

After you get it pierced, you will need to let it heal for 4-6 months. During this time, wash it twice a day with antibacterial soap. Also, mix sea salt and warm water in a shot glass, then place the glass over your piercing to create a vacuum and let it sit for about 15 minutes. The sea salt will draw out infection and the warm water will help it to heal faster.

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Step 5: Enjoy your new piercing!

After your piercing has fully healed, you can put in new rings or keep the one you have. Still wash it at least once a day and be carefully not to get it caught in clothing because it might become irritated. Enjoy your new piercing!

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belly button rings question by mr. toothpick: What do you think of girls with belly button rings?
My girlfriend is about to turn 18, so for her birthday she is planning on getting a belly button ring. I don’t mind piercings, but I must admit that the belly button ring isn’t one of my favorites.
So, I was just wondering what everyone else thought about girls with belly button rings?

belly button rings best answer:

Answer by Randomnesss4393
i love it. it adds personal style/attitude. tos of my friends have it

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